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How is Bite Disease Treated?

Posted on 4/20/2018 by Robert Leale
CavitiesNorthView Family Dental WA 99208One of the most common, but largely ignored dental problems facing the world today, bite disease or occlusal disease has affected many elderly and adults.

This situation is unlike decades ago when most of those who are suffering from bite disease are from the teenagers to the young adult demographic.

Bite disease is caused largely by dental habits when the teeth are still growing, and can totally be prevented even in old age as long as habits are stopped. Constant sucking of thumbs as well as pacifiers are the two main culprits for childhood and teenage bite disease, while overcrowding, facial injuries and improperly placed dentures and crowns are the likely suspects for bite diseases of the older population.

Available Treatments

Having occlusal disease is not the end of the world. Bite disease is actually treatable and curable. The sooner your dentist notices any early signs of bite disease, the faster can countermeasures be done to prevent the development of actions to stop the spread of the bite disease.

If your children have too many baby teeth, there is a big chance of having an overcrowded mouth. An overcrowded mouth can also lead to bite disease, and any excess teeth should be extracted as soon as possible.

Another way to stop bite diseases is through the use of a retainer that can be easily removed. This is especially effective for those who have new teeth.

However, an improperly placed or made dental crown or brace can lead to bite disease, so it is best that you go to a licensed dentist. In very rare cases, such as an extreme overbite, undergoing surgery is the only solution for occlusal disease.

If you know someone who has a problem with an overbite or occlusal disease, or even if you are suspecting that a close friend may have any kind of dental problem, please schedule an appointment with us so that we can give the excellent dental service.

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