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Mouth Guards Spokane, WA

Often called a mouth protector, a mouth guard is a device designed to protect the teeth during athletic activities. There are three types of mouth guards: stock, mouth-formed and custom. Fit, protection level and price varies as you go up the list. While protecting the teeth from damage, mouth guards also offer added protection for those who wear braces or have bridgework, as well as protection from damage to the soft tissue inside the mouth.

Who Needs a Mouth Guard?

Although the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) only requires mouth guards be used in football, lacrosse, and ice and field hockey; the ADA (American Dental Association) recommends they be used in sports where there is a chance damage to the teeth including basketball, boxing, martial arts, volleyball, skateboarding, wrestling and 19 additional sporting activities. If your sport or activity can result in your teeth and mouth coming in contact with any hard surface or with other players, you should wear a mouth guard during practice and competition.

What to Look for in a Mouth Guard?

You'll want a mouth guard that is flexible and fits well. Its fit should allow it stay in place during both practice and competitions while giving you a good degree of comfort. The mouth guard you choose should let you speak normally and not limit your breathing in any way. You also want a mouth guard that is strong and durable, won't tear, has no taste or odor and is simple and easy to clean after each use.

If you think a mouth guard would benefit you during your sporting and recreational activities - give us a call for advice.

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