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Oral Health Issues are Preventable

Posted on 4/20/2015 by Robert Leale

A patient having his teeth examined and cleaned to prevent oral problems.As common and sometimes painful as oral health problems are, most are completely preventable with the proper care and treatment.

Though oral health issues are down statistically from 40 years ago, they are too high, especially considering the simplicity of prevention.

Let's look at some statistics from the Centers for Disease Control.

• Twenty percent of children (those aged 2 to 19) have untreated cavities. That is one in five children!

• Of children aged two to five, one in four have experienced tooth decay.

• Of children aged 12 to 15, one of two have experienced tooth decay. (In low income families the number is considerable higher.)

• Periodontal disease (advanced gum disease) affects up to 12 percent of adults. One half of these cases result from smoking (gum disease is three times higher in smokers!).

• In the United States, one in four adults, aged 65 or older, has lost all of their teeth.

• Over 7,800 people in the United States die from oral cancers each year.

The worst part of these statistics is that, in most cases, tooth decay, gum diseases and even deaths from oral cancers can be prevented. If not prevented, each can certainly be treated, avoiding the pain and complications that come when these conditions are left untreated.

A healthful preventative dental program, as recommended by our office, includes brushing twice daily, flossing, fluoride, healthy food choices, and routine dental exams and cleaning. Our dental exams can provide early detection of problems and the necessary treatment for your oral health.

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