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Diet Soda: Not What the Dentist Ordered

Posted on 2/20/2015 by Robert Leale
If you made the switch from regular soda to diet, you might think you are doing your physical and oral health a favor. After all, there is no sugar in diet soda, right? Unfortunately, the switch did not do you any good; diet soda is just as bad for your teeth, if not worse than regular soda.

The Enamel Ruining Acid

The worst thing about soda is the acid that it contains. It is so acidic that it is close to battery acid, as a comparison. Now imagine that acid sitting on your teeth. The longer it sits, the more enamel it eats away, putting you at higher risk for tooth decay. What makes matters even worse is most people that drink diet soda tend to consume it in larger quantities because it is calorie free. That increased amount does even more damage to your teeth than that one regular soda you might have consumed.

Replacing Water

Another problem with drinking diet soda is the fact that most people let it replace the healthy drinks they should be consuming, such as water. If you drink very little water, if any, you are letting that acid sit on your teeth. Your mouth never gets the benefit of healthy water, which means your saliva production could suffer, resulting in dry mouth and putting you at even more risk for other serious oral health issues.

The bottom line is that you should not be drinking any soda, regular or diet. They are both very bad for your oral and physical health. Stick to water as much as possible and you will be able to enhance the health of your natural teeth for much longer.

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