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What Is In Tap Water That Benefits Your Teeth?

Posted on 6/20/2017 by Robert Leale
A woman drinking a glass of tap water.
In nearly all of the municipalities around the United States, you have the option of drinking clean, filtered, and treated tap water. If the water at your home is safe for you to drink, you should be drinking more of that each day than you drink anything else.

Tap water is full of things that your body, especially your teeth, need to remain healthy. If you have been foregoing the benefits of tap water, you may want to rethink that strategy before you wind up with a mouthful of problems.

Why You Need to Drink Tap Water

Tap water is something that you need to drink. First, it has a ton of minerals in it naturally. Many of the minerals, people lack from their daily diets. This can include iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, among others. Second, your mouth stays hydrated when you drink water, and the more water you drink, the cleaner your teeth remain.

So, if you need it for clean and healthy teeth, why not wash each of your teeth in this mineral bath? Finally, tap water also has fluoride. This was added as a way to help reduce cavities. It was found years ago to help fight off the effects of tooth decay, and has been a staple in tap water ever since.

You need water for your body to function normally. It is necessary to fight off illnesses, move around, keep your temperature regulated, digest foods, and keep your teeth healthy. If you need this water for proper survival anyway, then you should do what you can to help keep your body, especially your teeth, as healthy as possible in the process.

Contact our office about the benefits of tap water today, and let them explain it to you over your next exam.

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