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Benefits of Having a Dentist That Compares X-rays

Posted on 8/20/2017 by Robert Leale
 X-rays NorthView Family Dental WA 99208
Getting x-rays taken at the dentist's office is standard procedure. It should happen either every time you go to see them, or every other time. Then, your dentist should take the time to compare the x-rays from now to the last set.

This allows them to see even small changes in your mouth. Just taking a new set of x-rays isn't going to tell them a lot about your mouth.

What Your Dentist Can Tell from Comparing X-rays

When your dentist looks at your old and new sets of x-rays, they can see the position of each of the teeth in your mouth. They can literally set one set of x-rays on top of the other and see if even a single tooth has shifted out of place.

Even minute changes in your teeth become visible, meaning that your dentist can carefully look at that area of your mouth and determine what might be causing the shifting of your teeth.

Your dentist can also spot changes in your jaw by comparing x-rays. They can see the outline of the bone and see if it is still strong in every area of your mouth. The bone of your jaw can deteriorate in one area, and not in others, but it isn't always easy to spot. By comparing two sets of x-rays, the differences are much easier to notice. This again allows your dentist to go to the specific area having a problem and determine the cause.

If your dentist doesn't compare x-rays, you may want to ask them why. They may have different methods that they rely on. If you want a dentist that will compare your old and your new x-rays, then you can always look around to find a dentist that relies more on x-rays than your current dentist does.

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