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What Does Saliva Do in Your Mouth Anyway?

Posted on 6/10/2018 by Robert Leale
Saliva NorthView Family Dental WA 99208Saliva goes by many names, but most people do not understand just how valuable this substance is to the overall health of your body. It helps to protect your teeth and gums, on top of helping you eat and keeping your body healthier.

If you think of this innocuous substance, it may seem like it is a very unimportant aspect of your body. However, without saliva, healthy survival becomes far more difficult.

Is Saliva Really That Important?

Not only does saliva make chewing easier and swallowing possible, it also helps to wash your mouth. Without saliva, swallowing your food would be nearly impossible. Plus, washing off your teeth and swallowing that debris would be impossible. Water is a great way to wash the teeth, but it is not as effective as saliva. When saliva covers your teeth, it replenishes the nutrients they need.

This includes adding vitamins to your teeth to keep them healthy, and redepositing enamel on them to keep them strong. Saliva also has antibacterial properties, which allows it to help fend off many of the germs that would otherwise come into your body and make you sick.

Your teeth and your gums require saliva to stay healthy. If you do not produce enough saliva, this is actually a condition that requires medical treatment. Dry mouth leads to issues like increased problems with gum disease and tooth loss. It is vital to the health of your mouth, along with the rest of your body, that you have enough saliva.

If you notice that your mouth is getting dry, try drinking water more often. If that does not do enough to help restore the saliva in your mouth, call us. We will have you come in and discuss what is going on with your mouth. Then we can help treat the issue and help restore the health of your mouth.
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