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Times Where Sanitizing Your Toothbrush Could Keep You Heathier

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Robert Leale
Times Where Sanitizing Your Toothbrush Could Keep You HeathierHave you ever sanitized your toothbrush? Some people don't, but that can be a mistake. While under normal conditions you may not need to sanitize your toothbrush, there are times when it can keep you healthier.

While there's really nothing on the market that will completely sanitize your toothbrush, you can keep it clean. That will help you in a number of instances. Here are a few of these times.

After You've Been Sick

If you've been sick for a few days, it's very likely that some of those germs have made their way into your toothbrush and are happily living there. Sanitizing your toothbrush regularly when you're sick or at least once after you start feeling better can help you get over your illness and prevent it from coming back.

After Someone Else Has Been Sick

If your spouse or your children have been ill and have been anywhere near your toothbrush, some of their germs could have gotten on it. It's a good idea to give everyone's toothbrush a good cleaning after anyone in the house has been ill. If several of your family members have gone through a particularly bad illness that seems easy to catch, you might even want to consider replacing their toothbrushes with new ones.

After Traveling
When you're traveling, your toothbrush may find itself in a number of different settings. You may use it in several hotel bathrooms, in your car, or even in a gas station parking lot. Some of these places are cleaner than others. It never hurts to take extra time to clean your toothbrush while you're traveling. One quickly way of doing so is to rinse it with mouthwash or leave it in a cup of mouthwash overnight.

Want to know more about how to sanitize your toothbrush or what you can do to keep your mouth healthy? Call us today or ask us any questions you might have during your next regular visit.
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