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Dental Bonding Spokane, WA

Beautiful female patient of NorthView Family Dental in Spokane, WAYour smiles says a lot about you. But if your teeth are less than perfect, you may be uncomfortable flashing it. Problems such as cracked, broken or misshapen teeth, or gaps between your teeth can all lead to the feeling of self-consciousness. Luckily, a cosmetic procedure known as bonding can fix these imperfections and give you a smile you'll be glad to show off.

What is Composite Bonding?

Bonding is a cosmetic procedure that fixes damaged teeth and can fill in gaps. The material is made with plastic and can be easily molded to fit a variety of needs. It is also the same color as your natural teeth, so no one will ever be able to tell that you've had the procedure done. Another advantage to bonding is that it’s considerably less expensive than crowns or veneers.

Benefits of Bonding

Composite bonding offers a whole host of benefits. These include:
•  A pain free procedure. No anesthesia is required.
•  Quick. Bonding can be completed in one visit. You do notneed to have impressions taken and wait for a dental appliance to be fabricated in a lab as you would with another cosmetic fix such as a crown.
•  Money saving. Composite bonding costs significantly less than crowns and veneers.
•  A boost of confidence. Great teeth inspire self-confidence, leading you to smile at every given opportunity.

Even with all of these benefits, there is one drawback to composite bonding. The material is much less durable than crowns or veneers. It can succumb to damage much more easily, meaning that if something does happen, it will need to be reapplied. This is only a minor drawback and precautions can be taken to prevent damage.

Bonding Procedure

Composite bonding is a quick and painless procedure. The dentist first prepares your tooth by cleaning it and drying it thoroughly. An acidic gel is applied to the tooth, creating a rough surface to which the bonding can adhere. The gel is then cleaned off and the tooth dried thoroughly again. The bonding material requires a completely dry surface in order to stay in place.

Once the tooth is ready, the bonding material is applied and shaped as needed, be it to fill a crack, correct the shape of the tooth or fill a gap. When the proper shape is achieved, the material is hardened with a blue light and then polished to blend into your natural tooth.

Composite Bonding Care

Once your bonding procedure is complete, you should care for your teeth just as you normally would. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Maintain dental visits at least twice a year. This is not only important to your overall oral health, but also to check on the bonding. The dentist will be able to spot if any damage is present or likely to become an issue.

If you are a smoker, or use tobacco products of any kind, consider quitting. Not only is quitting good for your health, it will prevent staining of the composite bonding material. Staining cannot be removed by brushing or any other means of whitening. You should also avoid chewing forcefully or eating any hard, crunchy foods, which will help keep your bonding intact and looking good.

A perfect smile is an achievable dream. Call NorthView Family Dental today to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.
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