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Four Reasons Dental Crowns are Used

A Molar Tooth Wearing a Crown, Dental Crowns
Dental crowns are an aesthetically pleasing way to fix broken or severely decayed teeth. In the past, crowns were an unsightly color, making patients opt for other alternatives for fixing their teeth. Today, however, there are attractive choices, such as porcelain/ceramic or stainless steel, which is often used in children.

Dental crowns are used in a variety of circumstances and offer a better solution than pulling the tooth. With a perfectly fitted crown, your tooth can remain in your mouth and act just like the natural teeth that surround it. Here are 5 reasons that we use dental crowns:

Broken tooth

A broken tooth can be very weak and cause pain, especially if the pulp of the roots is exposed. When a crown is placed over the broken tooth, it allows you to keep the tooth while making the structure stronger. You will no longer experience pain and will be able to use the tooth for chewing along with the other teeth in your mouth.

Discolored teeth

Crowns are not only for functional purposes; they can also help make discolored teeth that do not respond to tooth whitening look more pleasing.

Weak teeth

If you have had a root canal or severe decay, your tooth could become weaker and be at risk for more damage. A dental crown can give it the strength it needs to be functional and eliminate your pain.


A bridge needs to rely on the surrounding teeth for its stability. If your surrounding teeth are weak or at risk for decay, a crown might be suggested in order to ensure the stability of the bridge as well as to avoid the risk of damaging healthy teeth surrounding the bridge.

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