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NorthView Family Dental Giving Back to our Community & Patients

Spokane, Washington 99208 with Northview Family Dental
The best compliment our patients can give us is to tell a loved one or friend about us!

Our mission at NorthView Family Dental is

"Making Lives Better"
and it is our priority to make sure our
patients feel taken care of!

Want to tell us where we should "give back?" Let us know!

List your favorite charitbale organization here!


The new 'Ask Me About My Dentist' Referral Program
thanks our patients with a gift that they can spend or share with someone who needs it most!

It's simple.
It's rewarding.
It's Making Lives Better!

Refer a Friend of Loved One and choose how we thank you!

1st New Patient Referral
-Donation to Charity of your choice* (up to $25)
-Donation to School of your choice* (up to $25)
-(1) BloomsDay Entry Fee (up to $35 value)
- Relief Support for an Orphan through Samaritans Purse ($35 value)
-Thank You Gift (up to $20)

2nd & 3rd New Patient Referral
-Donation to Charity of your choice* (up to $50)
-Donation to School of your choice* (up to $50)
-(2) BloomsDay Entry Fees (up to $36 value)
-(4) Care Packages sent to US Military troops through Operation Gratitude ($60 value)
-Thank You Gift (up to $40 value)

4th New Patient Referral
-Sonicare Toothbrush
-Donation to Charity of your choice* (up to $75)
-Donation to School of your choice* (up to $75)
-Thank You Gift (up to $60 value)

5th New Patient Referral = VIP Status

(valid for 1 year from 5th Patient Referral Appointment)

All VIP Status patients receive:
-Free Fluoride Treatment with each visit
-Free Whitening Kit plus Refill Gels at each visit
-Entry in all in-office giveaways/raffles (for 1 year)

PLUS Your Choice of the Following
(select (1) gift from the following list for each additional patient referred beyond 5):
- SonicCare Tooth Brush (Diamond)
- Kids Sports Local Team Sponsorship (up to $100 value)
- Donation to a Charity of Your Choice* ($100 value)
- Donation to a School of Your Choice* ($100 value)
- Entry fee for participant of local sporting event/race (up to $100)
- (2) Tickets to Sunday Brunch at the Davenport (up to $100 value)
- (1) Team Sponsorship for HoopFest (up to $128 value)
- Kennel Sponsorship for (1) Animal at the Spokane Humane Society ($100 value)
- Thank You Gift (up to $60 value)


- (1) Referral can not be used for patients immediate family members, including but not limited to, spouse, child, stepchild.
- 'Referred' patient must be 18 years or older.
- Referring patient must keep his/her account in good standing or will forfeit VIP Status.
- 'Referred' patient must present NVFD Referral card at time of appoint for Referring patient to receive credit.
- Eligibility is at the discretion of the NVFD employees.
- NVFD reserves the right to change or discontinue the VIP Referral program at any time and without notice.
- 'New Patient' is an adult (18 or over) that has not been seen by NFVD for at least 2 years.*

*Charity may be selected from a list of office approved organizations & schools.
*Donations to charitable organizations will be paid out in $100 increments or yearly, whichever occurs first.
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